American Railroad Art by James Coldicott


Born in Englands heartlands in 1973 James now shares a converted school house in the small English village of East Quantoxhead with his wife Joanne, daughter Liberty Rose and son Jack. He is a self taught artist who has painted continuously since the age of 4.

From an early age he was surrounded by American Railroading and particularly Narrow Gauge because of his father, Brian Coldicott's involvement in the custom painting of American brass locomotive models. This led to a constant flow of books, drawings, models and enthusiasts passing through the family home.

His fascination with American Railroads was cemented by a trip to the 9th National Narrow Gauge Convention in Durango, Colorado, USA in 1989 which afforded him the opportunity to see first hand both some of the equipment and the beautiful scenery through which it passed.

Logging Railroads also feature highly in James' broad range of interests - fueled after seeing ex West Side Lumber Company shays at the Georgetown Loop RR on that initial visit.

James' hobby of modelling US narrow gauge subjects has led to an eye for mechanical detail which comes through in his artwork. A lengthy study of European rennaisance art and those artists' use of light has also spilled over into the atmosphere of James' paintings and is evident in his approach to painting railroad subjects.

James is a regular contributor of drawings and articles to the 'Slim Gauge Circular', the news letter of the prime organisation dedicated to promoting interest in US Narrow Gauge Railroading in the UK.

Following a long career in mural painting and interior design James was persuaded that prints of his artwork should be made available to a wider audience.

It is the artists hope that his paintings will lead to an increased knowlege of, and respect for, the industrial achievements of the past and that the skill and determination of the people that created our heritage might inspire a new generation.

Water Stop at Jacks Cabin

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